Wheel Issues?

Auto Detail Plus in Indianapolis can help get you rolling again!

From RIM STRAIGHTENING to rim repair due to curb damage or corrosion, we've got you covered.

We repair and refinish bent, curb damaged and worn wheels for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to straighten rims of any style up to 26" in diameter. Our certified technicians are capable of repairing the most difficult rims to meet factory specifications.

Our goal is to provide you an exceptional vehicle shopping experience throughout your entire process — from browsing our inventory online to narrowing down your search to walking into the store. We are committed to providing a comfortable, hassle-free and no-pressure experience — on your terms!


Do I need to make an appointment to have my wheel repaired?

No, you can come by our location any time during our business hours to drop off your wheel or vehicle.

Can I leave my car at your shop?

Yes, you can leave your car at our shop no matter if you need one wheel or all four wheels repaired.

Can you repair all types of damage?

Most damaged wheels can be repaired, this would include bends, curb rash, and cosmetic damage. Our technicians analyze each wheel during the inspection process to determine if it is repairable.

How safe is it?

Our expert repair technicians inspect and measure each wheel before and during the repair process. Any wheel that doesn't meet our safety criteria does not get repaired. We keep a computerized record of the work done on each wheel. We have independent testing results on wheels we have repaired to ensure they are as good as new when the repair was finished.

I hit a pothole and now my steering wheel vibrates. Could my wheel be damaged?

Pot holes can cause severe damage to your wheels and suspension. The damage is not always visible, so it is best to let one of our technicians inspect your wheel for you.

When I bent my wheel, I also had a tire go flat. Can you replace my tire as well?

We partner with various OEM repair facilities. Ask your representative for more information.

How much does wheel repair at Auto Detail Plus cost?

Rim Straightening- Starting at $130.00
Rim Refinishing- Starting at $125.00
Polished/Machine-Faced Rim Repair- Starting at $175.00. If the rim is bent ADD $75.00 for the straightening process.

Repair Process Videos

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