Although damaging your windshield is an unfortunate experience, getting it replaced doesn't have to be! We can do everything from replacing entire windshields, to repairing minor cracks and chips, to fixing window seals. 

Have you found small chips or cracks on your windshield, caused by flying rocks or debris? Contact our staff at Auto Detail Plus to see if these can be fixed by a repair instead of having to replace the windshield. Auto Detail Plus is able to professionally repair glass chips and small cracks found in your windshield while preserving the  factory seal around the edges. When compared to the cost of completely replacing your windshield, having us do the repair is a no-brainer! Come in as soon as you notice a chip or a small crack, before it spreads into a larger crack and you are forced to replace the whole windshield which is a more costly procedure. However, if you do need to replace your windshield, the professionals at Auto Detail Plus can do that as well.

Contact us below, call us at (317) 705-7111, or come in today to find out what the best repair option is for your damaged windshield or glass.

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