Using our state of the art CNC machine, we can also perform custom machined wheel finishing. 
We started by painting the entire surface of the wheel the specific blue color that the customer required, then used the CNC machine to remove the desired top layer. This process left the blue paint only on the recessed areas. After this, the entire surface was clear-coated to provide a smooth, sleek, and protective finish.

The real benefit of a custom paint job lies in the variety of options for colors and designs available.  With so many options to choose from, you can let your creativity run wild.  Interested in specialized, uncommon colors?  With custom painting you can choose almost any color or shade you want.  California Wheels can color match the shade of your car, and carry it through to accents on your wheel, like a lip stripe, center cap, or the windows of your wheel.  Or you can go all the way and custom paint your whole wheel to color match your car.

Who says you need to paint your whole wheel?  When you get your wheels custom painted at Auto Detail Plus, it's up to you what gets painted and what doesn't.  Why not leave some texture in with your color?  Retain a specialized finish like a machined or chrome face, and then add some color to other elements of the wheel with a custom paint job.  For example, paint just the rivets on your wheel to create some pin points of color against the original factory finish.  Or paint the face and leave the original finish on the rivets for a tough, industrial looking accent.  No matter how many colors you desire, or what parts of the wheel you want painted California Wheels custom painting provides virtually endless options to put your own unique stamp on any set of wheels.